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House of Representatives. Passport Visa requirements Visa policy. Sincethe office has been an ex officio position occupied by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Thailand. The President is elected at the beginning of a House session immediately after an election, there are no term limits for the office. The office of the President of the National Assembly was first established inwith the establishment of the first legislature of Thailand. The President of the National Assembly, apart from being the presiding officer of the National Assembly whenever there is a joint-sitting, is also the chief representative and leader of the legislative branch in Thailand.

In the constitution the President of the National Assembly is given many powers. The President is assisted by the Vice President of the National Assembly, another ex officio position occupied by the President of the Senate. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is the chief presiding officer of the House of Representatives. The Speaker is also entrusted with some legislative powers, as it is his main role to ensure all the legislative process is followed.

The Speaker is assisted by two Deputy Speakers. The Speaker must act impartially on all matters and therefore cannot be a member of an executive committee of a political partythis also apply to his deputies. Note: According to the Constitution of Thailand the office of President of the National Assembly of Thailand is held as an ex officio position by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

However throughout Thailand's long constitutional history this has not always been the case, at certain times the office of 'President' of the legislature was sometimes held by the presiding officer of the upper house or that of a unicameral chamber. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. National Assembly. Judiciary Law. Election Commission Recent elections General: Senate: Administrative divisions.

Changwat provinces Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Thesaban municipalities. Foreign relations.

President of Thailand (Little Man in the Shadow of Earth)

Related topics. Southern insurgency political crisis political protests military crackdown —14 political crisis National Council for Peace and Order.Yingluck Shinawatraborn June 21,San Kamphaeng town, ThailandThai businesswoman and politician who was prime minister of Thailand from to She was the younger sister of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and the first woman in the country to hold that office.

Yingluck was the youngest of nine children born into a wealthy family of Chinese descent that had settled in the Chiang Mai area of northwestern Thailand in the early 20th century. Her father was a member of parliament from the late s to the mids, and her brother also served in parliament and in various ministerial posts before becoming prime minister in Thaksin was ousted from office in a bloodless military coup in September She married Thai businessman Anusorn Amornchat inand the couple had one son.

Thaksin remained popular in Thailand, however, especially among rural people in the northern part of the country. Parliamentary elections were announced in early May for July 3, and Yingluck declared her candidacy for office shortly thereafter. Although the PPT gained a majority of seats in parliament, the party formed a ruling coalition with several smaller parties.

Yingluck, emerging as party leader, was elected prime minister by parliament on August 5 and formally took office after she was endorsed in the post by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Almost immediately Yingluck had to deal with massive flooding over large portions of Thailand caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains.

Most of those companies were back in business by mid An attempt by her government in to grant amnesty to those involved in the political tensions between and —which, it was believed, would include her brother—not only failed in the legislature but led to massive antigovernment protests late in the year. Yingluck responded by dissolving the legislature and scheduling early elections for February Opposition protesters managed to disrupt the polling process, however, and the courts ruled the election invalid.

Yingluck called for new elections, which were to be held in July One day after her ouster she was indicted on corruption charges stemming from a rice-subsidy program instituted by her government. Later in May the military staged a bloodless coup and established a ruling council. By the beginning of August the council had put in place an interim legislature, whose members it had appointed.

In Januarywhile the criminal charges were still pending against her, that legislature voted to impeach Yingluck for her involvement in the rice-subsidy program, which meant that she was ineligible to run for public office for the next five years. Her trial stretched for two years, and in Augustshe failed to appear in court for the reading of the verdict.

president of thailand

A warrant was issued for her arrest, but members of her party reported that she had fled the country to join her brother in Dubai. The following month Yingluck was found guilty of criminal negligence in connection with the rice-subsidy scheme and sentenced in absentia to five years in prison. Yingluck Shinawatra.Thailand does not have a president.

The government of Thailand is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, so they have a prime minister and a king. Thailand is a constitutional monarch without a national president. However, there is a President of the National Assembly in Thailand. It has a king and a prime minister. Current prime minister is Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra. Thailand does not, and never has had, a president.

It is a constitutional monarchy and as such has a King and a Prime Minister. The PM is Yingluck Shinawatr presently. THailand has never had a president - it is a consititutional monarchy - it has a monarchy the King and a prime minister Yingluck Shinawatr. Bangkok is in Thailand. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, it doesn't have president. It is very rare for Prime Minister in Thailand to be in the office the full term so the name must be recheck regularly.

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Who was the president of Thailand in ? Who is current president of Thailand? Who is the first president in Thailand? Does Thailand have a President or a Prime Minister?Yingluck was Thailand's first female Prime Minister and its youngest in over 60 years.

president of thailand

She was removed from office on 7 May by a Constitutional Court decision. Born in Chiang Mai Province into a wealthy family of Hakka Chinese descent, [5] [6] Yingluck Shinawatra earned a bachelor's degree from Chiang Mai University and a master's degree from Kentucky State Universityboth in public administration.

Thaksin served as Prime Minister from until when he was overthrown by a military coup. He fled abroad shortly before he was convicted in absentia of using his position to increase his own wealth.

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He has since lived in self-imposed exile to avoid his sentence in prison. In Maythe Pheu Thai Party, which maintains close ties to Thaksin, nominated Yingluck as their candidate for Prime Minister in the election. After mass protests against her government in lateshe asked for a dissolution of parliament on 9 Decembertriggering a snap election, but continued to act as caretaker prime minister.

The court found her guilty of charges of abuse of power over the removal of national security chief Thawil Pliensri in She was tried in but did not appear in court in August for the verdict. An arrest warrant was issued. She reportedly fled the country.

In Septembershe was found guilty in absentia and sentenced to five years in prison. She is rumoured to now be in London, England. Yingluck has become the chairwoman and legal representative of Shantou International Container Terminals Ltd since 12 Decembera Chinese port operator, operating in the Shantou Port area in eastern Guangdong.

On her maternal side, she is a descendant of the former royal family of Chiang Mai through her grandmother, Princess Chanthip na Chiangmai great-great-granddaughter of Prince Thammalangka who ruled Chiang Mai in the earlyth century.

Yingluck grew up in Chiang Mai and attended Regina Coeli College, a private girls' school, for the lower secondary level, followed by Yupparaj College, a co-educational school, at the upper secondary level.

Yingluck began her career as a sales and marketing intern in at Shinawatra Directories Co. She later became the director of procurement and the director of operations. Inshe became the general manager of Rainbow Media, a subsidiary of International Broadcasting Corporation which later became TrueVisions.

She was investigated by Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission regarding possible insider trading after she sold shares of her AIS stock for a profit prior to the sale of the Shin Corporation to Temasek Holdings. However, no charges were filed.

Prime Minister of Thailand

Yingluck received 0. The military junta-appointed Assets Examination Committee charged that Yingluck made up false transactions and that "there were no real payments for each Ample Rich Co. However, the AEC did not pursue a case against her. After the governing People's Power party was dissolved and its executive board was banned from political activity for five years by the Constitutional Court on 2 December[21] the former People's Power Party MPs formed the Pheu Thai Party.

Yingluck was asked to become the party's leader, but she declined, saying that she had no desire to be prime minister and wanted to concentrate on business. US diplomatic cables leaked in revealed that during a 9 September meeting, former Deputy Prime Minister and "close Thaksin ally" Sompong Amornvivat told Ambassador to Thailand Eric John that he did not envision a big role for Yingluck in the Pheu Thai Party, and that "Thaksin himself was not eager to raise her profile within the party, and was more focused on finding ways to keep his own hand active in politics.

The cable cited Yingluck saying that, "Someone could easily emerge relatively late in the game to take the reins of the party and serve as the next Prime Minister. Yingluck's bank account was among 86 accounts that the Abhisit government accused of being used to finance the Red Shirt protesters during their demonstrations in House of Representatives.

Passport Visa requirements Visa policy. The prime minister is also the chair of the Cabinet of Thailand. The post has existed since the Revolution ofwhen the country became a constitutional monarchy. The house's selection is usually based on the fact that either the prime minister is the leader of the largest political party in the lower house or the leader of the largest coalition of parties.

In accordance with the constitution, the prime minister can only be appointed twice and is therefore limited to a maximum of two consecutive terms. The office was modeled after the prime minister of the United Kingdomas Siam became a parliamentary democracy in after a bloodless revolution.

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However the idea of a separate head of government in Thailand is not new. Prior to Thailand was ruled by absolute monarchswho acted as both the head of state and the government. However, during the middle and latter reigns of the Chakri Dynastyseveral individuals were perceived to hold a post equivalent to a head of government.

The first prime minister of Siam was Phraya Manopakorn Nititadaa judge. The title of the office was changed from "Prime Minister of Siam " to "Prime Minister of Thailand " in and then permanently with the renaming of Siam to Thailand in For most of its existence the office has been occupied by Army leaders; sixteen out of twenty-nine, including the incumbent general Prayut Chan-o-cha.

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Military dominance began with the country's second prime minister, Phot Phahonyothinwho ousted his civilian predecessor in a coup in The longest serving prime minister was Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram at 14 years, 11 months and 18 days.

The shortest was Tawee Boonyaket at just 18 days. The youngest ever to occupy office was M. Seni Pramoj at 40 years old.

Former US President G. Bush meets Thailand King

Thailand received its first female prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatrain Every prime minister since Manopakorn Nititada has been Buddhist.This is the best online course I have ever taken.

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president of thailand

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President of the National Assembly of Thailand

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