Nsi subaru aircraft engine

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Godspeed, Pete! Pete Krok, the very nicest of people! These are a couple shots from a subenews party Pete threw for the group at AirVenture a few years ago. If you've come to this page searching for "Eggenfellner problems" or "Eggenfellner engine problems", as so many do, you've sure come to the right place. Read on As you can see in the early engine logs that followI started off with great enthusiasm about the Jan Eggenfellner Subaru engine.

Five years, many hundreds of hours of work, and many thousands of dollars in expenses after I began to receive the overdue FWF components piecemeal, it continues to be a nightmare.

What happened to the Subaru Aircraft Engine?

It still has major design faults and has required replacement or major rework of just about every component except the block and heads. No two Eggenfellner STi packages are the same; apparently all were thrown together hodge-podge. Some of the workmanship is horrendous.

Several significant engineering challenges remain. The only support any of us who bought the STi engine package get is from each other. Each of us has had years added to our build time because of this engine.

Only 3 customers have ever flown with the Eggenfellner STi engine, and none of those are flying now. The second one flying crash-landed after the kluged ECU caused an engine shutdown. The third one had multiple PSRU failures, followed by a supercharger failure, but no crash, as well as numerous other problems, and he is now completely redesigning his FWF around a turbocharger and an aftermarket ECU.

A fourth certainly won't be returning to the Eggenfellner world after his STi-induced crash. Despite the problems, the Eggenfellner Subaru factory supported the STi customers fairly well until earlywhen Eggenfellner completely lost interest in further cooperation in working out the many remaining problems with the engine.

There is also a group of early H6 owners with various FWF problems, and for whom the prickly Eggenfellner factory has lost interest in supporting. There were several more, but they've either gone stale over the years a couple of them were based on the defunct Yahoo Geocities or threatened out of existence by Eggenfellner for telling the truth about their Eggenfellner problems.

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One was switched from telling a negative Eggenfellner story to just saying "this page removed at the demand of the engine builder", due to more threats from Eggenfellner. The STi is not Eggenfellner's only orphan. I know of at least two other Eggenfellner H6 owners who have sold their planes to be rid of the Eggenfellner problems. Several other H6 owners have announced they are abandoning their Eggenfellner engine. Eggenfellner, of course, blamed that crash on the customer.

While Eggenfellner dances around the weight issue, the fact is that the Subaru engines are heavier than a Lycoming. One of the people who removed an Eggenfellner H6 due to problems and installed a Lycoming reported pounds lighter nose wheel weight and pounds lighter overall after the switch.

Eggenfellner recommends aft batteries for a reason, even if he won't admit the engines are heavier. The Eggenfellner H6 Orphans Yahoo group and the Eggenfellner STi Yahoo group were started by groups of Eggenfellner customers who'd been abandoned by the factory due to problems they'd encountered with their purchase.A specialised and custom built intake manifold, flow optimised exhaust system, altitude compensated carburetor and a modified camshaft combined, guarantee excellent performance.

The Subaru EA81 has one of the lowest Fuel consumption in its class at just 13ltr per hour and offers exceptional reliability. Why a reduction drive is needed? As the high performance Subaru EA81 delivers its high rated RPM power output a Propeller, in comparison can only spin and reaches its maximum efficiency just before the speed of sound. They are very effective. Components are tested in environments far more severe than the engine will normally see.

Computer modeling is accurately done to increase quality margin. That helps me appreciate the significance of new auto engine advances. That makes for millions of dollars available for product development that Lycoming can just dream of. More importantly, auto engines are routinely improved, modified. If Lycoming makes any improvement, that opens them to lawsuits for all previous designs.

So they stagnate. Look how long it took them to implement fuel injection. Subaru EA LSA Category. Compare LSA Aircraft. Terrier Terrier Camper. Terrier on Floats. Aircraft Kits. Build Assist Program. Aircraft For Sale.

Reduction Drive. Rotax Anyway, one engine I had sort of forgotten about was the Subaru EA On the Zenith website, there are dozens of photos of 's flying behind the engine, and they even reference having factory support for Stratus Engines now out of business.

nsi subaru aircraft engine

I've rebuilt several high HP Subaru engines for auto use, so I feel comfortable with the design and layout of the engine. All that said, I just picked up a running Subaru EA81 flight engine with a "reductions" by Dave Johnson belt redrive and 72" 3 blade Powerfin prop for an absolute song.

The engine is in great shape and has flight hours in a Rans S7. Is it worth investing in a new unit? Air Trikes seems to have a good following - no belts to adjust, lightweight, good price I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

I've attached a photo of my engine still attached to the crate and the prop just resting on the hub. Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Support for the EA81 is limited, but Jan Eggenfeller of Viking Aircraft engines used to be the go to guru and supplier of all things Subaru. Check my plane out CH Flying with a Subaru EA converted for aircraft.

I use a gearbox no strap which is oil by the engine oil system. I use an oil radiator, glycol rad and no thermostat.

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The EA swings a WarpDrive 3 blade 70 inch propellor. Has lots of power and works very well. I also have twin ignition.

From what I can tell, my belt redrive isn't a bad system, but it needs to be understood.

nsi subaru aircraft engine

I asked the guys at powerfin about the 72" 3 blade prop and they said it would be a pretty good match - my plane isn't on it's gear yet hopefully it will be soon so I was worried about ground clearance - 72" seemed kinda big!

I sent an email to the guys at ram engines this morning and asked about the possibility of converting the engine to fuel injection and dual ignition - what carb do you run? There's a holley on my engine now.

nsi subaru aircraft engine

The Holley is not a bad carburator. It is very good. I installed it and it worked right out of the box. Only modification I made was to add an insulation plate between the AeroInjector and the intake manifold.

Otherwise the fuel would vaporize before entering the intake manifold because of the heat generated. My engine turns a Warpdrive 70 inch large 3 blades. I could of used a 72 inch 3 blade but felt the propeller would be too close to the ground if a flat tire on the nosegear happened or the bungee collapsed.Started by Yamma-Fox21 Sep Posted 21 Sep edited. Old member. Had a KF2 on lotus floats. Went to Maule for a few years It is in annual and has been flown regularly. Guys over on kitfox forum are pretty negative on subaru weight, reliability and nsi part availability.

Subaru EA engine

Tell it to me straight, should I keep shopping? Dual ignition systems have been made to convert the single-coil system and some worked and others did not. Not counting the Rotax thingys, or "real" aircraft mags! I only know of one NSI crash, and it was due to a wire burned out that powered a fuel pump for the fuel-injected engine - not the fault of the engine. I don't get on TKF because they are so negative about modifications that are not "factory approved", and I am definitely "Experimental minded".

Posted 21 Sep Well, I would! I too am a outside the box thinker, and just do not know much about the aircraft version subaru powerplant. Wasn't seeing much constructive on TKF except a reference to come here and ask! I know of another Kitfox 4 that went down with a Subaru engine in the front.

He did hit a seagull that went through the cowl, breaking off a fuel line and starting the plane on fire. Don't think you can blame that one on the engine though. Guy's name was Howard Firm, and he walked away with bruises after landing on a taconite tailings pond near Virginia, Mn.

I also have a Subaru engine with a NSI gearbox on it. I'm near Chisholm, Mn. Hold out for a and you will have the performance and reliability an aircraft deserves. With a Subaru insurance will either be unattainable or so expensive it would make your Maul look cheap. Posted 22 Sep Hey neighbor! Thanks for the post.

And have you ever been down to the zorbaz ski plane fly in on little sand? This one is about 20k and that is what makes it hard Posted 23 Sep I guess you build confidence in them as you fly them. I saw one or two rocks in the middle of the runway though, not sure my Nancos are up for stuff like that ha. Posted 24 Sep You can't bet that for hauling your family. Your kids are going to have great memories of flying adventures.

Posted 25 Sep My subaru EA 81powered MK 4 80hp is slowly getting put back together. With the weight of the soob it made a good single place plane.

Put another person in and quite a bit less.Design Features. Builders on the Net. Starter Kit. Builder Assist. Press Reviews. For More Info The maximum recommended power is hp, up to lbs. Before deciding on an alternative engine, realize that custom powerplant installations may require a lot of work and "troubleshooting" to properly install, and may often not provide the expected performance and reliability. An inexpensive engine may cost you less to purchase initially, but may not provide the proven reliability and performance you expect, and may need to be replaced a lot sooner than expected.

Zenith Aircraft Co. Links and resources for other engine types:. NOTE : The above resources are provided for informational purposes only.

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Alternative engines will affect performance, specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft. Also, the weight and balance of the aircraft may be adversely affected by alternative engines, and the original fuel system may not be adequate or suitable for some engines. Most alternative engines will require a custom engine mount and engine cowl. Search zenithair. Aero : Online community for active Zenith builders, owners and pilots.

Subscribe to Mail List Your Email:. Tel: Mon - Fri, CentralComments or questions? Click Here.Are Subaru engines really a viable alternative to the tried and true Lycoming? Racetech Inc. First, a suitable test aircraft for the engine had to be found. It was decided that a Van's RV6A would allow the best comparison as hundreds of O powered ones are already flying. A quickbuild kit was purchased from Van's Aircraft in September and construction began.

Construction proceeded steadily although it was found that there were numerous errors, omissions and mistakes in the plans and manual. Fortunately, we made our way through this and Van's always provided timely and efficient service. The latest pre-punched RV kits and CAD drawings are a vast improvement and should eliminate most of the concerns that we had with our earlier vintage kit.

The pre-cover inspection was completed in Septemberpaint was applied in Octoberassembly was complete in April when engine ground testing was started. Around hours were expended in completing the airframe and about on the engine installation. Being a race car fabricator and engine builder professionally, I've never really liked certified aircraft engines. They do the job but seem crude and outdated by modern automotive standards.

The cost of them is the big drawback from my perspective. After much research on Subaru engines, it was decided that the North American EJ22 turbo was the best starting point to give the desired hp reliably. These were readily available and bulletproof. The EJ25 available at the time was rejected due to its open deck cylinder design, making it less suitable for turbocharging.

Although several aircraft Subaru modifiers claim to be getting up to 50 more hp than the stock naturally aspirated rating of hp, this is highly unlikely in the real world at any reasonable rpm applicable to aircraft use. Forced induction was deemed necessary to achieve the desired performance.

The factory rating for the turbo engine was hp at rpm. The EJ22 turbo was well engineered for the stresses of turbocharging with different pistons, wrist pins, oil cooler and piston oil cooling jets.

It also featured milder camshaft timing than the Japanese domestic market EJ20 engines available at this time, offering the possibility of better fuel economy. Our engine had 26, miles on it when it was received. The EJ22T is a cc four cylinder, horizontally opposedliquid cooled engine with 4 valves per cylinder actuated by belt driven, single overhead camshafts, rocker arms and hydraulic adjusters. Cast iron cylinders are cast into each aluminum block half.

Subie EA-81. What do we think of them?

The heads were match ported and flow benched. I designed some 9. These were custom made by JE in California and are the only non stock parts inside the engine. The forged crank is a real jewel, supported by 5 main bearings, only The short stroke design permits a stiff crank with. The rods are forged with 9mm bolts and a 5. Having worked on many different types of engines in the past, I was very impressed with the design and metallurgy of the EJ It's short, stiff and strong without some of the wimpy components used in some other brands.

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The long block weighed pounds with no accessories or intake manifold. Total installed weight with all accessories, redrive, turbo, intercooler, exhaust, rads, and coolant is around lbs. The engine was reassembled using the original main and rod bearings as these were in mint condition.What are the common modifications made to an EA81 to boost its power? The stock EA is a nice solid little engine with great potential for an aircraft if modified.

In stock configuration it will make about 75 HP at rpm and probably never wear out. At it is down the lower rpm is probably only making about 60 HP or less. By contrast, the iron block Honda Prelude also 1. So, what do we do to get power up on the Subaru. There is no one answer.

Kitfox 4 Subaru Aircraft Engine Update NSI EA81

A number of things need to be done which all contribute their share of power. The first thing to do is to improve the mass airflow through the engine, which is after all just an air pump.

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This requires first that the cam shaft be reprofiled to allow the engine the "capability" to breath and scavenge better. This alone won't improve it much unless the rest of the induction system is modified. The intake manifold is replaced with a custom one with larger diameter runners and no coolant passages to heat the charge.

I made mine from carbon etc The exhaust system is next. Use 1. This is important and accounts for about 10 HP. This gives two ways out for each pulse and also reduces exhaust noise by a big amount. The heads are next.

Try to get some heads or later, as they have bigger intake valves than earlier models. Where the valve seats are pressed into the head there will be a lot of excess metal blocking the flow forming sort of an oval pattern.

Use an end mill or whatever, and drill or dye grinder and remove this metal to give the port a more round smooth shape. Sand smooth as possible to prevent turbulence. Do the same to the exhaust ports, only these wont need as much cutting.

Be careful not to cut through into a water jacket. When done, have the heads glass beaded, including the ports, it will make them velvet smooth inside. They don't have to be polished shiny, just smooth. Finally, have.

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